Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Word of the Year

Oh hi there!  It's me, Blogger on Hiatus.  I didn't mean for it to happen.  Turns out puppies are a great consumer of time.  You don't want them to be bored, you have to make sure they're well cared for and never hungry or unhappy, and that they gets plenty of exercise.  Plus, if a super sleepy, tiny little puppy falls asleep on your chest as you sit reading a kitchen renovation magazine, there is just no way you can move her to get up to go to your computer.  Just no way.

So that's a lot of what has been keeping me away.  But let me tell you, while Bea and I sit there snuggling, my thoughts often run rampant with post ideas, and the guilt I feel in not actually putting them down is fairly powerful.  I have not given this little blog up! No, I will get back to regular posts.  I owe you lots from the last few months - for crying out loud, I still haven't told you about our Honeymoon - and lots more to come.

For now I leave you with my current favourite word.  When I think about the last year and try to summarize it, this is the word that I think does it perfectly.

It's been quite the year - an engagement, a new house, trips, a wedding, parties, a new puppy! All of it  involves that special word.  Being in love, creating a real home, exploring new places, being with family and friends, adopting and raising a puppy, making a place in the world for yourself and making it the best place it can be - it's all about love! Like the Beatles said, you know, it's all you need.

I suspect the future posts in this little corner of the web will maintain that theme.  I have so many stories and projects and (puppy) things I can't wait to share.  I'll get back into it, I promise, just be patient with me.  :)

Till next time, friends!

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